The world you created

I had a recurring dream
The things I saw made my eyes sore
Heaven was burning
Angels shouting in unified war

I am here for a reason
Fear me not
Marked by a cloud of ash
Starts to rot

Down the condemned
Angels fell
To dwell in the dark
The eternity cell

This is the world you created
His prideful creation in hell
Where no light nor hope finds
That deserves you well

Now I wish I was blind
You bow your head in shame
And you begin to pray
Crying out his name

You pray for help
But your words remain unsaid
You pray to angels
But the angels are dead

I didn’t mean to cause you
So much pain
But it was this world
That made me insane

© 2012 Varja Linnea Askeland all rights reserved

Denna dikt specialskrev jag för serieromanen ‘Ghosts of the concrete world’
av Hanna Beatrice Norgren

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