The plague of insanity

What happened in the place of vicious laughter?
A blasphemy lingers in despair
Empty glasses, empty faces
I shall never gasp for air

What happened in the souls of mankind?
A solid rage awoke within
Eyes are blind, all are monsters
I shall never relate to my skin

What happened in the act of God?
A plague devoured all of humanity
Madness was real, bad became worse
I shall never return into this insanity

What happened to the sense of sanctuary?
A love more sound than a mothers embrace
Mortified to the end, victimized by truth
I shall never forget his honest face

© 2012 Varja Linnea Askeland all rights reserved

Denna dikt specialskrev jag för serieromanen ‘The suffering kind’
av Hanna Beatrice Norgren